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Design a Tiered Plate Tray for Entertaining

Tiered Plate Tray for Entertaining

Are you entertaining for the holidays or a special event? This DIY project is the perfect way to create your own simple food trays and completely elevate your event. You can select plates that coordinate with your theme or use neutral plates to go with many styles. Not only are these tiered plate trays easy to make and put together, but you can also disassemble them for cleaning and storing. The great thing about these trays is that they also make great gifts for hostesses, holiday parties, and more! Be sure to set up your work station in a well-ventilated area and wear safety gear before proceeding.

Supplies & Tools:

Step 1

Find the center of the top side of the plate and mark it with a dry-erase pen.

Step 2

Place the plate onto a safe workspace. Using a drill gun with a 1/4” carbide glass and tile drill bit, carefully drill all the way through the center of the plate. Do not pull the drill bit back up through the plate, but release the bit and pull it out of the drill gun from underneath the plate.

Step 3

After each plate is drilled, clean the plates, and assemble them by adding the tiered connectors. The connectors I used require a 1/4" hole, but be sure to check the diameter of the connectors you purchase.

Tiered Tray with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Wine glasses in the background

When you drill each hole, be sure to drill straight down at a 90-degree angle and wear a mask so that you don’t breathe in the ceramic particles. If your tiered tray has a little wobble, you can add a small metal washer underneath each plate to add some stability. These tiered plate trays are just perfect for tea parties, appetizers, desserts, or even place a small bowl at the top for dip or salsa. You can purchase a tiered plate tray, but it’s so satisfying to make your own and select the exact plates you’d like. These tiered trays are so much fun and make serving food even prettier.

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